Monday, June 15, 2009

A new blog

Welcome to my brand new blog.

Some of you might know my other blog Pro-science, where I write on a number of issues, including the subjects covered by this blog. That blog is not going away.

So why start a new blog? Well, I am planning to write a number of fairly long posts on subjects related to programming, systems development, and IT consulting, and the other blog didn't seem to be the right fit for this. Instead I decided to create a new blog focusing only on these issues. There will be a certain amount of cross-posting, with posts on general issues being posted both places, and more in-dept posts being posted here.

I'll copy some of the posts from my old blog to this blog, including the post that gave the name to this blog. Since google have a tendency to believe that intra-linking between two personal blogs is a symptom of a spam blog, I won't link back and forth.

Hope you find it interesting, and please feel free to leave comments. One note - if the post is more than two weeks old, comments will go moderation. This is unfortunately necessary to avoid spam.

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