Monday, September 25, 2017

My schedule at GOTO Copenhagen

GOTO Copenhagen 2017 is just around the corner, and I have taken a look at the talks that I definitely want to go to this year.

Unlike earlier years, GOTO Copenhagen starts on a Sunday this year, which makes some demands to the quality of the speakers, trying to lure people in early Sunday morning.

Luckily, the conference delivers - there are two keynotes on at 9:00, and while both looks interesting, I am going for Martin Thompson's talk. I have heard him speak a number of times, and every time the talk have been engaging and informative.

After the keynote, there are some interesting talks, but the next talk I really look forward to, is Dan North's Beyond Developer talk. Not only does the talk sound interesting and relevant, I also know that anything Dan North presents is going to be fun.

Skipping to the talks on Monday, I have spotted the following talks I'd be interested in:
The many security breaches in recent months, shows that security is still a hugely important topic, which is all too often ignored or neglected. These two talks addresses different, but equally important, aspects of security.

Tuesday, there is a track called Herding Cats: The Human Factor, where I plan to spend most of my time, for reasons I explained in my last blog post

Other than that track, I am looking forward to the end keynote by Linda Rising. Linda Rising is one of the most engaging and brilliant speakers I have ever heard, and it is a pleasure to go to one of her talks.

Disclosure: This blogpost mentions the GOTO Copenhagen 2017 conference. As a blogger who blogs about that conference, I get a free ticket from the organizers. The organizers don't dictate what I write about, and don't have any say about the content of the posts.

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